.....................................to the CHEZ SAUVAGE creative center.

Original electronic instrumental music by Ronnie Savage is composed, recorded and produced at the CHEZ SAUVAGE studio located in Mukilteo Washington, a suburb of Seattle. 

The debut album Your Place Or Mine? was released in November 2016, containing 25 original instrumental compositions encompasing a wide variety of rhythmic genres from reggae to swing, tango, soft rock and even a Viennese Waltz.

A second album Letters From Milano was released in August 2017, containing 12 original high energy electro rock/dance fusion tracks. 

In September 2017 a new composition Tango Bella Noche was released as a single.

Red Square a single, was released in June 2018 as a tribute to the countries that qualified for the 2018 World Cup Soccer Championships in Russia.

All music is available on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and other streaming networks.